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Sound Design - Digital Art - Photography - 3D Design - Engineering

Sound Design
for Film, Television and Games
Digital Art
Limited Edition Signed Prints
Portrait, Landscape and Real Estate
Multimedia Design
Architectural, Industrial, Stationery and Responsive Web Site Design
ICT Engineering
Active Directory, Hosting and Cloud Infrastructure Consultancy

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Sound Design, Digital Art, Photography and Multimedia Engineering are my passions for decades. My music and sound-designs are inspired by the grandeur of the romantic and often bombastic Dimitri Tiomkin themes and the bold and dark atmospheric music of Bernard Herrmann. As a photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson stimulated my perfectionistic desire for the right timing and Robert Burks encouraged my aesthetic feeling for the perfect composition. Marc Chagall, master of the subconscious speudo-naïve dream scene, greatly influenced the abstract atmosphere of my digital artwork.

From my childhood on I was fascinated by everything related to images and sound. Later on I became passionately interested in both the artistic and technical aspects of music, photography, art and multimedia in general. My education as an Engineer kept my left brain's hunger for knowledge ever burning. Studying Applied Arts and Photography at the art-schools of Temse and Sint-Niklaas, kept my right brain creatively stimulated.

This multidisciplinary approach feeds my interest in both the artistic, compositional and technical aspects of music, digital artwork and photography creation. In my musical works, I combine contemporary elements, like loops, samples and synthesized sounds, together with classical note for note musical composition. The driving force behind my digital artwork and photography, is my aesthetic perfectionism striving to balance detail, composition and beauty into harmonic unity.

Sound Design

Orchestral Music Compositions, Sound Design and Mastering for Film, Television and Games.

Digital Art

Digital Paintings, Limited Edition Signed Prints on High Quality Paper and Acryl.


Portrait, Landscape and Real Estate Photograpy.

Multimedia, Design and Engineering

Architectural, Industrial, Stationery and Responsive Web Site Design, Hosting and Cloud Infrastructure Consultancy.

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